Friday, Almost there. . .

Almost to the weekend. Almost to the Campout. Almost done with my To Do list. Almost. 

Breakfast was yummy banana walnut oatmeal. Big bowl of brown. 🙂  Happy School Valentine’s Day!! The kids are getting a special sweet treat today: heart shaped ravioli tossed with olive oil, grilled chicken, basil and tomatoes. Tossed is to rough a word. These ravioli explode if you look at them hard, so after draining them, I gently laid each in the lunch box, trying not to burn my fingers, and then topped the ravioli with the chicken and tomato mixture, knowing that the kids will pick through it to get the ravioli and thereby mixing it together. I fished a couple of ravioli out to place on top when I realized you couldn’t see any of the hearts for all the chicken and tomatoes. 🙂 Side dishes of sautéed apple and cabbage, and mini muffins. 


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