Thursday, eat your greens

  Fried egg on pita with fruit salad. Nom.

  Lunch for hubby and the kids: Indian flavored chicken salad pitas, turmeric carrots, and cumin zucchini.  

  Giganto pile of greens. All three bunches of kale, plus the rainbow chard.  
 Wilted down, with a bechamel and Parmesan and broiled. Creamed kale, so yummy that my kids saw it, high-fived and asked if seconds were available before they took their first bite.  

 With chicken sausage and the last of the corn cake. 

Out of the box:

  • Carrots
  • Kale (all gone!)
  • Laccinato kale (all gone!)
  • Purple kale (all gone!)
  • Rainbow chard (all gone!)

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