Sunday, Happy Easter!

   Easter is another one of those “food holidays” for our family, with traditions that go back at least a decade, if not multiple decades. Once my mother learned how to poach eggs, Eggs Benedict became a regular “special” breakfast at my parents’ house. Everyone loves it (especially my husband), so it’s a no-brainer. Sometimes Christmas morning, sometimes birthday mornings, sometimes when family visits, but ALWAYS on Easter. With a side of whatever fruit looked good to my mom at the store that week. This Easter, we had apples, bananas, oranges, and tangelos. 

My mother also sets a gracious table for Easter, bringing out one of the sets of artistic eggs we’ve decorated over the years and her beautiful orchids. Some years it’s the Ukrainan Psyanky Eggs we did when I was my son’s age, this year it was the pastel marbled eggs. And though you can’t see them, there is also a collection of ceramic bunnies and eggs I made when I was a child. 

The egg salt and pepper shakers crack me up. 😉


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