Tuesday, baking day

Breakfast was another spring favorite: strawberry and cream cheese sandwiches. Easy, fast, and takes advantage of the season. Lunch took advantage of leftovers: rice from last week, carrots and celery from the box, peas and meatballs from the freezer, and more sliced strawberries.  No photos of breakfast and lunch, but I do have photos of the rest of my morning’s work:
   Red Velvet brownies made with beet purée. So delicious. Super fudgey. Have to hide them.   

  And cornbread for tonight’s dinner: Red bean chili from WAO. The chili turned out so good, I had to modify my recipe to reflect what I used because that is how I want to make it every time from now on! 😉

So one problem I have with the WAO cookbook is that many of the recipes seem very similar. Two cups of beans with a can of diced tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, and garlic. With one spice, it’s “chili”; with a different one, “stew”. I like bigger differences in my recipes. I need to go through my recipe database and clean out recipes I don’t use, have never used, will never use. And tweak the ones I keep, like making the “chili” really chili, and the “stew” really stew. At least by my definitions. 😉


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