New Freezer

I just got a new freezer. Well, it’s an old freezer, from my in-laws, but it’s a chest style, waist high, maybe 2 foot by 2 foot. Small as freezers go, but big enough for me to fill with more than a month of food. So I am. I got tired of all my cooking stuff being mixed in with my art blog, so I started a new one. Since I am getting myself back into freezer cooking, I figured this would be a great time to do it. This blog is not just going to be about freezer cooking, though. I’m also going to write about notable things that happen at the grocery store, cooking for a family of five (essentially), and life with a picky eater (the five year old).

My goals when shopping are to not spend an arm and a leg and get healthy food into all of us. I am not on a scrimping saving need based budget (though there have been times when I was, and we would eat much better now that I know how to cook better), so some of the things I do may seem extravagant to people who are. Right now I spend a little over $100 a week on groceries. I would like to bring that down. Having a full freezer and a full pantry and ONLY BUYING THINGS I WILL USE will help that out. Eventually I would like to get down to $200 a month, maybe less. But I am going to do it little by little, since we can afford for me to.

Throughout this blog I will posts recipes separately, and hopefully with pictures. My husband has a nice camera. I have no idea how to get the pictures off of it, and it takes at least 2 weeks of solid nagging to get him to do it. The older I get, the less I want to nag my husband. So, the pictures you will get are from my camera phone, which, being Bluetooth, is extremely easy for me to pull photos off onto my mac, once my roommate set it up for me. So they will be small and the lighting may not be the best (no flash, though I do what I can in Photoshop), but you will get the idea, and if you are like my roommate and husband, a picture will help immensely if you are trying to remember if a dish was good enough to make again.

So, here’s your first bit of cooking humor: This morning, I got the coffeepot going, put my breakfast (breakfast sandwich) in the microwave,got my daughter her breakfast (cereal cup), made up a box of cereal cups for my roommate, fed the baby, put some stuff away, had some coffee, went out to the garden, fed the dog, watered the plants, took pictures of the garden, had some more coffee, cleaned up a little more, checked my email, looked at my groups, played with the baby (DD was engrossed in Sesame Street), posted on my blog, went to get more coffee, discovered it was cold and put it in the microwave only to find my breakfast sandwich waiting for me in there. DOH! Reheat . . . . No wonder I was so hungry. Time to go make lunch and do the dishes . . .


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